The Trust that Every Will need to Have

Your Last Will and Testimony must empower your executor to choose to disperse any beneficiary’s bequest under your Will into an Unique Needs Trust, thereby protecting the bequest.

When you leave someone a bequest in your Last Will and Testament, it is your intent that the bequest need to benefit that person, not cause them financial detriment. Unfortunately, sometimes getting a bequest under a Will can cause the beneficiary to be disqualified from federal government benefits which they are currently receiving, or would have otherwise been eligible to receive.
Your Last Will and Testament need to empower your executor to elect to distribute any beneficiary’s bequest under your Will into an Unique Requirements Trust, thus protecting the bequest.

The circulations from a Special Requirements Trust can be utilized to improve the lifestyle of the beneficiary, as the funds in the trust are available for such things as recreational products and services, specific assistance services, treatment, rehab, training programs, education, transport (including car purchase), important dietary needs, prescription medication, medical, eye and oral expenses, and other care that is not, or not properly covered by governmental programs.