World, Scientific and Social Developments
(Since "The Recovery..." was published)

           One of my readers wrote to say the background events of "The Recovery, An Adventure Novel", were unlikely although the story was thoroughly exciting and excellent. I appreciate all readers and find their comments interesting and valuable. The background events, however, are quite possible, including the "workday tax", which is already in place. A few of of the other reader's comments and questions are at Pre-Pub Reviews.
           Following are a few of the more recent discoveries since "The Recovery..." was written. If you think it impossible for the "Church to be in exile" from an oppressive government, or for a monster asteroid to break into small pieces, decimate the population and cause massive earthquakes, and for governments to fail with the destruction of thier infrastructure and control facilities, or for Utah to go bankrupt and come under control of those who purchase the failed contracts and mortgages ... Please read the following items, ... go find countless more for yourself, ... then you take your own guess as to the possibilities!
Above all... Enjoy the adventure ! Ken Lawton

Bank of Honolulu Closed
10-13-2000 (Just one of many this year)

         The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) has approved the purchase and assumption of the insured deposits of the Bank of Honolulu, Honolulu, Hawaii, by the Bank of the Orient, San Francisco, California. The Bank of Honolulu, with approximately $66.9 million in assets, was closed today by Hawaii's Commissioner of Financial Institutions, and the FDIC was named receiver.
Two Big, dangerous Faults Discovered
Undersea Of SoCal
CBC News
10-1-2000, LOS ANGELES
         Two hidden faults, unknown until now, capable of unleashing a magnitude-7.6 earthquake have been discovered off the coast of California's heavily populated Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego counties, researchers reported Sunday.
Asteroid Yields Collision Secrets
But Scientists Baffled By Debris
By Mark Henderson - Science Correspondent
wq 9-22-2000
         The first close-up survey of an asteroid has provided data that could help to prevent a devastating collision between such an object and Earth.
An analysis of the Eros asteroid by Nasa's Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous spacecraft (Near) has revealed details of its composition, mass distribution and topography for the first time. The data, published in the journal Science, will assist researchers investigating ways of deflecting asteroids.
The Near probe, which went into orbit around Eros on February 14, has discovered that the asteroid is a single, solid mass, and not a collection of space debris bound together by its gravitational pull. Tests have shown that it is made of the same materials the whole way through, (could it be a huge crystal?) and that it is an asteroid of the most common "S-type", created from clouds of dust and gas when the solar system was formed.

INCOMING, Take Cover! Incoming!
The Cosmic Time Bomb Deadly Asteroids
Tim Radford - The Guardian Science Editor 9-16-2000
News Item
           Scientists will urge the government to set up a guard against destruction from outer space, in an official report to be published on Monday. A task force will report that collisions with "near earth objects" such as asteroids and comets are no longer the stuff of science fiction: they represent a real threat. A collision with one the size of a small village could wipe out a third of the human race.
Asteroid Strike Risk Said "Intolerable" In New Assessment
By Mark Henderson - Science Correspondent
Read this Strike Risk
"At Risk Of Overbuilding Commercial Properties"
           Analysts at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation today added Salt Lake City to their list of 13 cities at financial risk.
           "Overbuilding is one of the yellow caution lights in the economy and the banking industry that we are watching closely, and it is a caution light that is flashing more brightly," Donna Tanoue, FDIC Chairman, said. "Rapidly growing construction and development loan portfolios at banks and thrift institutions in at-risk markets raise concerns."
Is your church approved by "the state",
is it ruled by God, or the government?
Could churches be driven into exile by any government?

         In 1951 Congress decided Churches could be taxed voluntarily, by participation in the income and social security tax programs. Some churches "opted in", some didn't, and since then some who originally participated have tried to "opt out".
         In 1984 Congress decided that Churches could be taxed involuntarily. The penalties for non-compliance with tax laws are severe. The leaders of such a church could receive a five year prison term, a $10,000 fine or both, for each count of non-compliance. The employees and bureaucrats in government agencies decide who to prosecute.
There are three main legal and historical concepts to the powers of taxation:
         (1) The power to tax is the power to control.
         (2) Taxes are the means by which government maintains itself, and;
         (3)Taxes are a test of sovereignty ("who governs who").
         In the U.S., one state cannot tax another, because each state is sovereign. Churches, purporting to represent and be led by God, are obviously not considered sovereign by the government.
         A Christian attorney in Indianapolis has compiled a list of forty-one different areas of conflict between the church and State today. Over 8,000 Christians and churches are currently on trial in America (1999). In a recent court trial a pastor was asked by a prosecutor if his church used toilet paper. When the obvious had been established the State enforced interstate commerce laws against the church when it was showed the paper had been manufactured in and shipped from another state. Of course, if this concept is valid under the law, the same could be said for any organization or person buying toilet paper, or anything else that comes from out of state.
         A corporation is a creature of the State. It has no constitutional rights, and it must make any concessions decreed by government.
         The Supreme Court in 1905 decided the Hale vs. Hink case. To quote the court:
         "The benefits of the Fifth Amendment are exclusively for a witness compelled to testify against himself in a criminal case. This right cannot be set up on behalf of a corporation."
         "A corporation is a creature of the State and there is a reserved right in the legislature to investigate its contracts, papers, and practices."
         "There is a clear distinction between an individual and a corporation. The later, being a creature of the State, has no constitutional right to refuse to submit its books and papers for examination by the State."
         "Franchises of the corporation chartered by the State ... are the same as if the corporation had been created by an act of congress."
         Churches are required by government to incorporate.
         There are three purposes for incorporation:
         (1) Liability (limited),
         (2) respectability, and
         (3)perpetuity (if the owner ceases to exist the corporation lives on.)
         Do governments expect that God or Jesus Christ will cease to exist, or does government simply deny the sovereignty of God and Jesus Christ?
         Now, are you still sure that your church could not be driven into exile by a corrupt, powerful, government?
Author's note:

         I do not represent, agree with, associate with, or support any rhetoric of any of the so-called "survivalist" factions or others who try to convince the non-thinkers among us that freedom is free, taxes are unconstitutional, and that government should not try to figure out if they're amassing vast, tax-exempt, commercial and personal assets under the guise of religion and "love offerings", (vs "wages" or "income"). I am also aware that some people, and some corporations, will go to unbelievable lengths to avoid paying their "legal share" of our nation's expenses. Neither I nor our warriors who are fighting to maintain our freedoms give a hoot in hell for those social malingerers and tax-cheats.
         I have always paid my honest share of our Nation's expenses and have always encouraged my children and associates to do the same. Even so, I fear I am probably still working on the bill for one wing on one Air Force Mulit-Role fighter plane. Additionally, I don't really give a hoot in hell for anybody else who doesn't pay their fair share of those same expenses, and who is not working dilligently on the other wing of that same fighter !
         This information and treatise is offered simply to show that church organizations and leaders are actually a corporate entity of the state. As such, under any number of possible political/economic scenarios, they could have their assets siezed and their leaders driven into exile under threat of prosecution and imprisonment. This is exactly what happened in "The Recovery, An Adventure Novel"!
         You can take it from there, friend. ...Believe it, ... or not!
         Now, readers, quit splitting hairs with the prologue of "The Recovery", and get on with your enjoyment of this adventure... There are two sequels on the way !
Best Regards, The Author