"The Recovery", An Adventure Novel:
     I found this story to be very readable and interesting.... I also like the romantic relationship between the main characters without making it the focal point of the story and using what many authors do for lack of imagination; include lots of sex. I also felt very comfortable with the writing style and the language used. I think this is very readable and a story that is worth while. I am hopeful that once this book is published that it will be with a publisher approved by Barnes & Noble so we can have the author in the store for a signing.
Carol Fowler

"The Recovery: An Adventure Novel" by K.G. Lawton:
     Written with energy and expertise, K.G. Lawton has created a fast paced adventure novel that will interest not only fans of the genre but anyone interested in an exciting read.
     Set in the intermountain West and filled with drama and authentic heroes, Mr Lawton has penned a first novel that will have his fans on pins and needles waiting for sequels.
Susan H. Hill

K.G. Lawton's first novel The Recovery:
     An Adventure Novel that delivers on the promise in its title.
     Part post-apocalyptic thriller, part political cautionary tale, it is a tightly written, densely plotted story that offers the reader an insider's look at both paramilitary training and the motives and dreams of a small band of men and one extraordinary woman resisting the encroaching corruption of a dangerous and greedy "government."
     Lawton eschews the gratuitous language and sexual content that dominate many similar techno-thriller novels and instead presents the reader with a tale that can be enjoyed by hard-core Tom Clancy fans as well as the rest of the family. From the early historical exposition to the surprising and convincing conclusion, Lawton has crafted a novel sure to keep his fans tensely waiting for the sequels.
Dr. Sally Shigley.

Cyber-Reader's Comments
"The Recovery" was posted on the author's website for over a year,
These comments were gathered from emails and forum entries.

Unless you have been associated with your so-called "bad guys", you might think this could never happen. Where you from? Z.R., Chicago.
Where did you hear about the "workday tax"? R.A., SLC
As a seismo undergrad at UofN, Reno, I can say this could "possibly" happen. Unfortunately. A.G.
I was going to blast you, "Old Man", on your volcanic events of the story. Trouble is, when I got thru perusing the Global Volcanism Program at the Smithsonian, it shattered my complaints. Care if I apologize and move to your part of the country? D.E., Fairbanks, AK.
"The Recovery" was just too, too much excitement. The first page of the story made me angry, steaming angry. Then relieved, then interested, or, more accurately, totally engrossed in the events, then apprehensive, then frantic, elevated heartrate frantic, then happy, then astonished, then I hit tissue-time, then... ended the story quite satisfied! I read all night long and was so exhausted after it ended I had to call in sick the next morning. I went back to your website later to copy and read it again, but it was gone. All the girls in the office are beating up on me because I didn't copy it while I was reading. I can't wait for the printed and bound to arrive in bookstores! Hurry up, dammit! And... (hate to be pushy, but...) what is the schedule on the sequel? A.H., Tampa, Fla.
Well, startin' yer story sure was a mistake. I went and read chapter one... so much fer gettin' to bed early, I'm off to chapter two. L.D., California. (next is later message) Hey, I wanna buy the first copy when your book comes out. I never could get it read on a computer monitor, ...hurt my eyes too bad after a couple chapters. L.D., California
Do you think the earthquake in recovery is anything like what is in revelations seventh seal? (forum entry)
Do you really think society could get like the recovery says? I cant even think of utah having a workday-tax like your story says, and no crooks could takeover a whole state anyway. Other than that, the story is great. It isn't all there, tho...??? (forum)
Real estate isn't the only way guys clean their dough. Got any contracts or other incoming dough you'd like to sell at discount? Also thanks for a couple new ideas. D.V.
Damn good plot, wish I'd have thought of it! J.K., Kansas City
Absolutely great GREAT!!!!!! When is it going on the market? Too good for cyberspace. S.J., Florida (Author's Note: this nice lady later drew what she felt was an appropriate book cover... A modern artist's representation of dark, forboding mountains. I liked it. Unfortunately, authors do not control the cover design, the publisher does. KGL)
Hello, I just want to know why you're out fishing instead of loading the next chapters? Get back to work, OK?
I enjoyed the story "It's Time", and was glad to read it because it is pretty easy to loose perspective and place way too much importance on our own little problems, and big ones too. If I keep perspective, keep the big picture in mind, my problems seem a little bit smaller. G.D., California.
A great story. Only one thing wrong, California isn't just a chunk of land waiting to fall off into the ocean, whether at the San Andreas Fault or anywhere else. Just think of the Pacific Ocean as a big lake in our front yard. We moved here in 1995 and the Chamber of Commerce explained the whole thing. Other than that, it was a great story. D.A., SFO
A fine story, great plot, exciting and finishes up in a fine surprise. Just one problem, old chap: There aren't any gemstones left in the known world like the two you describe. They exist only as rumors within the trade. Anyway, if they are still around, nobody has ever admitted to them. Or, have you heard something the rest of us have not? J.F., London.
(Note: Some questions are answered at Developments  since The Recovery was written.)