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By K.G.Lawton
The Recovery, An Adventure Novel
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When violent criminals take over local government, the banks, your mortgage, and drive your church into exile...
What do you do next?

RSACi rating: S=0, N=0, L=1, V=3
(Somewhere around PG-13, for movie buffs)

Developments since "The Recovery..." was written
Reviews of "The Recovery...", Pre-Publication
Lessons Learned During Publication
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Yes, you heard right;
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"The Recovery", for free!
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So, for great adventure at a price you can't refuse,
Why are we giving you a free read???
We are encouraging e-Book progress for our friends!!!
The Recovery, Why it is not in HTML Format anymore:
Some years ago
"The Recovery, An Adventure Novel":
was posted in HTML on
The Old Man's Hideout.
After it was printed by Ingram, the online text was taken down.
Recent advances in eBook Reader formats (MSReader and Adobe eBook Reader) have so improved the online reading experience that The Old Man decided to again post "The Recovery, An Adventure Novel" for your pleasure, to encourage you to join the progressive eBook movement.
Good grief, if
Stephen King
can do it, then why not The Old Man!
We want to encourage you to jump ahead and experience the recent improvements in eBook on-screen reading comfort. It provides a whole new world of reading access for you.
The Old Man highly recommends the new free Microsoft Reader (files have a .lit extension), as it is very easy on the eyes, and retains the author's original fonts and colors. (No horizontal page scrolling!) and with the Frutiger Linotype number fourteen font used in "The Recovery", even my good friends with sensitive eyes can enjoy the adventure on-screen!
The new Adobe eBook Reader is a very fine piece of work. It opens up into two pages just like a real book, starts displaying as soon a couple of pages have arrived, and of course Adobe lets you adjust the text size to what is comfortable for your eyes. Besides, there are a lot of Adobe-format (.pdf) eBooks out there!
Go ahead, jump ahead to the next level of reading enjoyment and economy. After all, you can find eighteen-dollar books all day long in eBook format for three-bucks! For you professionals, a technical book can be searched for terms and words, and many are now available as parts (chapters) of the book for an even greater reduced price, so how much time and money could those features save you?
Go ahead, grab your own free copy of the Microsoft Reader, and the new Adobe eBook Reader. Find out why The Old Man is putting up his adventure novel to introduce you to the new eBook format!
Then get yourself back here and enjoy "The Recovery, An Adventure Novel"!!!
The Old Man

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Now, if you don't have either of those readers,
You're missing a world of reading enjoyment!
The Old Man encourages you to download both the Adobe eBookReader and the MicrosoftReader.

You say you're an author? And, you would like to convert your own manuscripts into the new Microsoft eBook Reader format?

Well, friend, take a tip from The Old Man and scoot on over to the good folks at ReaderWorks at Overdrive Overdrive-dot-com and get started!

Thanks for visiting, I hope you enjoy "The Recovery".
Thanks to the Canadian Middle Schools for using
"The Wolf"
One of the short stories published with
"The Recovery"
in their English Literature class.
If you are an educator, or book reviewer, and would like to have a free copy, please ask by E-mail. Tell me who you are, who your organization is and how you want to use the novel or short story. Please, don't just copy & paste, ...The copyrights are registered!

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