My Sailing Tour in San Diego

I have visited San Diego several times but had the privilege to enjoy a good stay and enjoy the stunning beaches. I have always come visiting friends in San Diego hurriedly, and never had a chance to even walk on the white sands. It took me almost five years to finally come to this city and enjoy a 1904 sail boat and looked to see what I could find searching for: Sailboat Tours San Diego.

On the night when we got here, Harry and I were excited and happy to be married; we were feeling excited and looked forward to an exciting sailboat tour. We not disappointed; our love for each other grew even more as the sailing adventures made us enjoy others company immensely.

Why Did I Choose San Diego For Our Honeymoon?

San Diego has beautiful beaches stretching for miles with interesting activities. I wanted to get close to the dolphins and see them diving. It was a whale watching season. And sure enough, when got to the coast along the Pacific Ocean, the Gray whales were just breath taking. Never been so close to them like that.

Being April, the weather was beautiful in California and we had fun the Mediterranean way. We were guided by courteous captains who explained amazing facts of this stunning coast. The world seemed to stop and just allow us enjoy our love. This romantic destination and great people all over makes it a paradise for lovebirds.

It was the first time I was sailing but my husband had done it before though at a different destination. Both of us enjoyed every bit of it and had romantic moments, just the two of us as we sailed across the waters. The beautiful weather gave us a terrific journey; initially I was worried about waves and tides, but everything was fine.

What I Noted While On a Sailing Trip in San Diego

Sail Liberty | sailboa tours san diegoI was in love and happy to be with my significant other here; my dream destination. However, this Pacific marina surprised me with things I never thought were so exciting at the San Diego harbor. I did not it was the home to wildlife including seagulls and whales. It remains my first choice vacation destination where I can watch the sun blends with the ocean beautifully. The wild life is as friendly as everyone else you meet here. Other things that make Sail Liberty the best honeymoon include:

Spacious Boats

The 1904 boat is amazingly vintage, but comfortable. It is spacious and heart melting with its romantic atmosphere. We had plenty of space to stretch and feel comfortable through the sailing activities.

Everything in a single package

We got everything in a single package in the sail tour. This included snacks and drinks; it was so relieving to find out that we did not have to pay more for all drinks red wine. We sipped our drinks as we watched the stunning sunset.

Safe and comfortable

If you are thinking it’s not safe out there to go cruise at night, you are wrong. All you need are warm jackets and blankets for the night. During the day have your binoculars ready, sunglasses and sunscreen for a life time adventure.
I still feel like my sailing was unique and can never be duplicated even if I went back to San Diego. The circumstances surrounding it were just special and everything was magically magnificent. Being in love is the best thing and going together to a perfect honeymoon destination makes it exceptional.

Friendly Staff

The one reason I still want to go back to San Diego for another sailing adventure is the friendly staff and experienced captain. The crew was professional and I felt so at ease aboard the boat. The captain was welcoming and entertaining, yet so experienced in his work. He made us feel at home and completely safe.
Being love and spending time with people who love their work made my days brighter at San Diego. The several trips I took lasted not more than three hours, but the intimate sail is what I still remember with a smile. They set up a very romantic sunset sail for us and the chilled wine felt so nourishing to the soul.

I cannot wait for next San Diego sailing adventure. But, I am planning to go with my family, which will include my parent in-laws. The 1904 boat is spotlessly clean and so safe for children that I wouldn’t think of leaving my son behind.

My Favorite Sail

The 1904 boat was a huge enjoyment with a private cruise that gave us ample of time to enjoy romance and just be together all the time. Watching the sparkling twilight views and light reflecting in the water, I have never felt this special; Harry was relaxed within no fine lines that usually appear on his head when he is thinking hard. We did not to tell each other how much we enjoyed the sailing adventure and our stay in San Diego. The boat crew treated everyone like their boss and picked us from the San Diego harbor at our pace.

San Diego has perfect temperatures, cool people and fun beaches. It is bliss and a natural honeymoon natural choice. Apart from sailing, you can enjoy other activities as a couple. We did all these and the two weeks we spent here felt like half a day!

Things You Should Not Miss

San Diego is my all-time best romantic destination; maybe it’s because I went there with the right person. But, I still feel even my family will surprised in a lovely way. Apart from the enjoyable Sail Liberty, there are also hotels to spend your nights and feel extremely comfortable.

There are also interesting activities to engage and sightseeing to do to make your romantic trip complete. I loved the Santa Maria Bay with crystal clear waters. It is the one anchorage that remains in my mind and every time I think of San Diego, I picture this beautiful bay.


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