© Feb 2000 by Wayne Hatch, 8 years old
     There was two boys named wayne and Zack. They went into a cave that they saw burning red hot. Wayne picked up a sword, real gold. On the blade real diamonds and rubies. Giant werewolves are jumping all over him trying to rip his head off but he's cutting them in half. Killing them in one slice. There's one behind wayne but he does not know. It jumps up. Zack tosses a twelve-gage shotgun Wayne loads an explosive bullet. Clickety-Clack, BOOM! Yellow light comes out of the body. Pooshhh, the werewolf blows up. WOOOOOOO, OW, that hurt!
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     Whoooo, at least were through with that! Yeah, But Wayne, I can't find a way out of here! OK, then we'll go out the way we came in. WOW, what is that? I don't know. Looks like we have company. let's rock! OK! Clickety-Clack. This gun is tough! Clickety-Clack Shoosh, let's hope we don't run into them again! Yeah! ROARRRRrrrrrrrrr! What was that? I don't know! T-REX! LEt's get out of here!
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     (Webmaster's Note: His story is still under construction... Not a bad start at all for an 8-year old!! Congratulations, Wayne!)