A&ABC Guild Copyright Policy

The Author's & Artist's of Brigham City ("A&ABC Guild") website is maintained by

The Old Man,
who may be contacted regarding any issue with the A&ABC Guild website, or to request a showcase on the Guild website for your own original work. All showcases are subject to the ISP Server rules, and to the following A&ABC Guild requirements:

All authors and Artists are concerned with illegal copyright infringement of their works. It is the intent of the A&ABC Guild that any such infringement should not be posted on the Guild website.

All works posted by Authors and Artists on the A&ABC Guild website remain the property of the individual author or artist. A&ABC Guild lays no claim to ownership whatsoever. A&ABC Guild website, however, is available on the "Worldwide Web", and as such is available to people all over the planet. Any visitor who can load your work into their browser can also reproduce your work on their own computer. It is imperative that you declare "" (copyrighted) or "" (registered copyright), ownership. For a full discussion of "why", please visit the Library of Congress Copyright Office (Hyperlink is below) or a copyright attorney.

It is the intent of the Author's & Artist's of Brigham City Guild to showcase literature and art for the authors and artists of (primarily, but not necessarily exclusively...) Northern Utah. It is not intended that members should present works or copyrighted materials (beyond, possibly, brief excerpts falling well within the concept of "fair use", for the sole purpose of legitimate explanation or discussion) from other persons' works.

In order to have copyrighted materials of any length or type on The A&ABC Guild website, ie: music, artwork, photos, literature, short stories, poems, etc, you must certify that you are the copyright holder, and you authorize A&ABC to publish your material on this site. This may be accomplished on literary works by the copyright or registered (as appropriate) logo or statement, and the applicable date of or , and on artwork or photographs by the same mark/ statement visible on the front of the photograph or artwork close to the title of the work. If the Artist or Photographer so desires, a separate written statement accurately describing the artwork or photograph, and declaring copyright or registration ownership is sufficient. A simple Email (or written) request from the author or artist will be sufficient to authorize A&ABC to publish. If such copyright/ registered statement or emblem is not posted to your work, or such request to publish is not received, your work will not be posted on the A&ABC Guild website. If any person is found to be infringing on any other person's copyright, or is found to be in controversy as to copyright of any material posted on this website, the entire showcase of that person will be deleted from the A&ABC website without discussion. All persons requesting showcase for their works certify to A&ABC that they are in fact the copyright owner, and that they take full responsibility for their statement, and that they hold harmless the A&ABC Guild, it's owners & members, in the event of any controversy over copyright infringement for the work they present.

If any person desires a more detailed explanation of U.S. Copyright Law, or is unclear as to what they may legitimately lay copyright claim to, please click and visit

The United States Government, Library of Congress, Copyright Office

Now, with all the A&ABC Guild's (probably unnecessary) requirements for copyright certification briefly explained, A&ABC Guild invites you to showcase your original work, and to enjoy the works of other members.

Regards, The Old Man