Why you should bring your beloved pet to us and trust with his well being.


Our vets will take responsibility of your canine or feline immediately after you bring it to us. You can take care of else while we concentrate on its issues. Our crisis response team is experienced and loves them unconditionally.



Surgery is one of most critical procedure which a pet has to go through at certain conditions. It can be trouble some to control them and minimise the suffering. Since our vets are experienced, we complete the procedure as painless as possible.


We have full range of services to take care of your pets health issues.


We try to cure pet diseases with medicines. Most of the medicines just work great.

Surgical Procedures

Surgery is painfull and it takes time to recover, but our experienced surgeons are the best you can have around to put your pet for surgery.

Dental Health

Dental health is a concern for pet owners. Bad breath, damaged teeth are common problems. We have separate dental care to take care of these issues.


We stock most of the necessary vaccine, so that vaccination can be done fastest possible time.

Diagnostic Lab

We have the cutting edge facility to run pet diagnostic tests which is a little bit more complicated depending on the cooperation from the patient.

Pain Management

Pets are playful and often gets injured. We have pain management system to relief them of trauma.

Special Care

If your pet needs to remain in watch, we have the facility to keep him safe and under observation till it gets better.

Spay Neuter

We spay neuter canines and felines free of costs. Feel free to bring in the strays as well, we do not differentiate.


Spay or Neuter Your Animal

Making sterile or neutering assists your family pet live a much longer, healthier life, conserves you cash, as well as fights family pet overpopulation and assisted suicide.

Integrated circuit Your Animal

Having your family pet microchipped is just one of the most effective ways to increase your family pet’s opportunities of obtaining house if he or she is lost or swiped and also winds up at a pet shelter or vet workplace.

Certificate Your Canine

San Diego regulation calls for that you license your canine, and upgrade the permit annually. When you certify your pet, however, you’re doing something more than merely adhering to the law. You’re providing your canine a ticket home in the event that she or he comes to be shed.

Family Pet Lost & Found Resources

Shedding your animal can be a frightening experience, yet numerous shed pets do make it house once again– especially when people collaborate.


You can find our clinic and shelter in following address, feel free to email us.


2875 Ocean View Blvd, San Diego, CA 92113, USA


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